05 April 2010

In this vast modern society, knowing that age does pictures one's experience or maturity over matters. There comes a thought on what happen when one adult does not walk in the ways of a Muslim, let alone a Muhsin. An adult means of being able to handle many choices in life and understand what there is to do. To list them out we can start from the shahadah. It is known to us as a core of being a Muslim, that is to gratify it's true meanings of the shahadah. It will be enough to say: "I believe Allahu ta'ala and His Messenger and all the messages he (the Prophet) brought from Allahu ta'ala."
Today, many can say the word of Islam through their lips, but the main reasoning behind it's truth still lies what is deep within their hearts. It must, at least centers all direction towards the holy creator high above the skies above. That, only Allah alone is the all mighty. Only when it is clear like that, is when an adult truly understand his existence in Allah's big universe.
Many human being went lost when they first met up with the rules and regulations in Islam. Allah has cited that if Rasulullah had followed what the Kafirun (enemies of Islam) asked him to do, that concerns the rules and regulations. Allah will, under supreme powers be the judge of what is wrong. Learn that adults have to understand what 'Sunnahtullah' actually means. The moon circle the Earth, that is sunnahtullah, so as the Sun, the light orders their elements and anything in between this earth into the next dimension(s). What is true to us, human beings just don't know anything yet. That was why many of us decided to revolt in our own mind space. In Islam these rules has something to do with us and the 'other'. Even the human existence can only be shown through complex science equipments today but the Quran has proved that since one thousand four hundreds years ago. One thing was true, not many human really did understand the Quran if they did not work hard enough to find and seek it's true secrets within. It is an instance of all the other holy books given to Mankind, and it is complete as it is, as a manual and guidance for attaining the highest possible human morality level. Often we heard "the more you read the Quran, the more Human you will become". This statement is true, but many tried to falsify this, and it is true, many has fallen into darkness and it's lies.
To cover that sort of fall, we can take an adult that does not practice the Muslim minimum requirements. It is also said that, young kids are in that same state. Especially when they are born into Muslim family, and found out that their parents (for example) are people whom are not constant adults, they do their prayers but are not being strict enough with it, so as carrying old habits of showing how a bad adult could be. These small ones are not matured to start with, and with broken rules they tried to seek light in within it. Few may find a way out themselves, but many will fall astray and extending their old ways from childhood.
Remember, when a Muslim child starts to do their prayer, they always never seems to complete their prayer. When they do their fasting, they always start to drink or eat before the time comes. Many parents thinks of this as a learning phase, as many always thought through their assumption that these kids will one day find their own path themselves. Parents did not notice how dark the world has become, that is why what happen to today's society will be (through a discrete command) be under total responsibility of their parents.
Strict parents whom knows their role as a Muslim would never leave their sons and daughters without knowledge. That is why they are always guided even when they are older. Remember Rasulullah, when it comes to religious teachings, He will, on certain matters speak directly and with strict terms. That was the root of Islam, which many adults has forgotten about it.
Where one can still play with his mind to think that he is still a child, is when he has returned into being a small child whom could not held the will of being a true Muslim, either verbally or intellectually. If for example you are 40 years of age now, assume that age of 60 is your last years, when would you want to grow up as a real Muslim adult? To lead a better life, it is not only with loving another, but also with a sense of responsibility of those whom cares about you and also those whom cares for themselves. Through guidance from Allah, by reading, and understanding the Quran.
It is not hard work anymore, it has become something more valuable than collection pots of gold coins. Raising a child with responsibility is far more worth than anything the world can offer. Especially when we raise them under following the guidance that Rasulullah has left for us as a beginning of happier end. Insya-Allah, trust in Allah a little bit more than you always do everyday.


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